Welcome to Mauritius!

A Beach Holiday Destination

Sand, lagoon and filaos ... This unchanging trilogy, emblem of Mauritian seaside tourism, will delight most visitors who come to Mauritius for the sun and the warm waters of its lagoons.

The coral reef that surrounds almost the entire island and its coastline comprising islets contribute to the idyllic landscapes of Mauritius.

An enchanting setting for the practice of outdoor activities

You will find in Mauritius great opportunities to practice sports: amazing diving spots, deep-sea fishing, surfing and kitesurfing, hiking trails, beautiful golf courses

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Why Choose Trou Aux Biches As Final Destination?

Mauritius is a total change of scene if one dares to meet with its extraordinarily kind people. A patchwork that is found in languages, religious festivals, architecture and in the plate!

If there is a paradise on earth, it is the beach of Trou aux Biches. Ideally located in the northwest part of the island, Trou aux Biches beach is a 3- km- long beach and enjoys a more stable climate than other areas, less watered and less windy.

Trou aux Biches is a world-famous spot for its diving sites where you can discover a wide variety of fauna and flora underwater.

Trou aux Biches is also the starting point for boat trips to the northern islands (Gunner’s quoin Island, Flat Island, Gabriel Island, Round Island, Snake Island).

The North of Mauritius is not limited to its magnificent beaches. Inland, the botanical garden of Pamplemousses, created in the eighteenth century by the botanist Pierre Poivre, is one of the most popular sites on the island. A few meters away you can discover an old sugar factory converted into a museum on the site of L’Aventure du Sucre. This site demonstrates the importance of sugar cane in the history of Mauritius.

Enjoy a convenient location close to other popular sites such as Cap Malheureux. This small village is famous for its tranquility, its red roof chapel as well as its magnificent view on the island Coin de Mire.

Those who look for a bit of life will not be disappointed by the activity of Grand Bay: local market, shopping, diversity of restaurants, dynamic nightlife ...